Attend a Scott Yancey Real Estate Workshop and Begin Making Your Own Deals

Allison Duckworth from Monterey, CA, attended a Scott Yancey live real estate training program. She is a social worker and getting into real estate investing. Her review of Scott’s training follows:

A direct quote from Allison:

I thought this was a really great training. I love the hands-on, going out and looking at houses and doing different things. It was amazing training overall. I feel really confident that I can go out and do my own deals now. Thank you.

Here is an article from Scott’s website that is about calculating the numbers for your flip.

Do The Math

Flipping is a game of numbers. The obvious numbers are: the cost (what you pay for a property) plus the total expenses (what it cost you to repair, prepare, and market the property for sale) equals gross profit. Also if you are borrowing money learning how to calculate interest on loans is imperative. However, there are a few more numbers you need to be familiar with that can make or break your project…Read more here

The numbers are what it is all about. The numbers drive the deal. You must get them right, so ensure you do the math correctly.