Meet Scott and Amie Yancey Part 11 A Rewarding and Favorite Episode

Pay-It-Forward, Home For A Wounded Warrior

One of Scott and Amie’s favorite shows they produced for their reality TV show “Flipping Vegas” was called “Paying-It-Forward”.

They purchased and rehabbed a house and then turned full ownership of the home over to a Wounded Warrior who had lost a leg when he stepped on an IED. A very deserving veteran.

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Meet Scott and Amie Yancey Part 10 “Passion Projects”

In Scott and Amie Yancey’s life giving back is very important.

As Scott says “Passion Projects” are a big thing for them. They are involved in a lot of pet adoption type of things and involved in 5 or 6 veteran type of programs.

One of their big Passion Projects is sponsoring the “Honor Ride” in Las Vegas. Watch this video to learn more about this great program that Scott and Amie are involved with.

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Meet Scott and Amie Yancey Part 9 Scott Shows A Big Heart

Scott Yancey surprises Amie by purchasing a pair of beautiful Friesian horses for her.

Amie has constantly worked to take the “Slicker” out of “City” and this video demonstrates that it looks like she has been successful in transforming Scott.

Scott’s purchase of the Friesians is a big surprise to Amie and shows what a big heart he does have.

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Meet Scott and Amie Yancey Part 8 Branching Out On His Own

In this video, Scott Yancey relates when he decides to branch out on his own and why. Maybe a little push from Amie helped.

At age 30 Scott quits his employee and starts his own journey in real estate investment. It is not long and Scott is successful closing on a large land deal in California, which jump starts a very successful career.

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Meet Scott and Amie Yancey Part 7 How Scott Gets His Start In Real Estate

It was around the young age of 14 years old when Scott Yancey actually got his first taste of real estate investment.

By buying a Trust Deed when Scott was 14 yrs. old he learns that in real estate your money can work for you.
In college, he took a job as a runner for a real estate guy who told him others who did this job became multi-millionaires. This is where Scott learned that making land deals could make you millions of dollars.

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Meet Scott and Amie Yancey From Flipping Vegas Part 2

Scott and Amie Yancey “In The Beginning”

Amie grew up on a farm in Canada and had a white Arabian horse. She once dyed her white horse purple because she thought it would make it “pop” in a commercial which the Arabian was going to be in.

Scott grew up in California where he lived with his grandparents from the age of 8.

Scott’s grandfather was a real estate agent so real estate was in his blood from a very young age.

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