Learn A New Real Estate Investing Approach at a Scott Yancey Event

This Scott Yancey live real estate training attendee came away with a new investing approach she was extremely excited to learn about. What was her biggest takeaway? View the review video below.


A quote from this attendee follows:

The first thing that made my life changed was finding out that I can work in the real estate, I can get abundance from real estate, and I don’t have to own the property, and I don’t have to do the work. I really wished I have known this 30 years ago. Thank you for teaching me that.

She also said:

I am not waiting until Monday, we have our first cash buyer on board and we have our first listing. I will be quickly asking how I do this first contract.

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Bring Your Real Estate Investing To A Higher Level

Scott Yancey Live Real Estate Event Review

Douglass Fredis from Oakland CA did a review on the training he received at a Scott Yancey Event. It should be noted that Doug was already a real estate investor but wanted to bring his investing knowledge to a new level.


A quote from Doug:

I want to let everybody know that the knowledge I have received today has been fantastic. Before this event, I thought I was a real estate investor. Now I can say with full confidence that I am a real estate investor. If I had known what I know now, what I learned from this three days of training, I would be so much further ahead of this game that I am today. Thank you very much for being able to have this opportunity to be here and learned what I’ve learned.

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Real Estate Training Worth Investing In – Scott Yancey Live Events

This attendee from San Francisco, Gordon Lloyd, was quoted as saying:

The training is definitely worth something investing in. It is confidence, knowledge, what to say, how to do it, and everything you need to know about investing.


Gordon encourages anyone looking into investing in real estate to do the training.

Tweet from Scott:

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Scott is also an author for the Huffington Post and here is an introduction to one of his articles

Scott Yancey’s Top 10 Fix and Flip Deal Destroyers
I love real estate and I really love to fix up houses and flip them to other investors. Sometimes I have multiple buyers for a single house, and I’m just cleaning up the site and taking my profit to the bank! But, and this is a BIG BUT, make one or more of these top 10 deal destroyer mistakes and you’ll regret it. By destroy, I mean either keeping the deal from closing out, and/or wiping out a chunk or all of your profit.

DESTROYER #1 – Putting the Cart Before the Horse

Don’t have one or more buyers on your list that you know would have a more than passing interest in the property BEFORE you cut a deal to buy it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received calls from panicked new investors who got themselves into a deal by buying a property, but then they couldn’t get a buyer on the hook. The best case is that they just lose their earnest money; the worst would be a fixed-up house with nowhere to sell it and a pile of funding debt.
You always want a strong buyer list first, then you scope out deals and match them to potential buyers based on what they want, where they want it, and how much they’ll pay.

DESTROYER #2 – Where did that Lien Come From?… Read more here http://www.huffingtonpost.com/scott-yancey/the-top-10-fix–flip-deal_b_10445380.html?

This article has 10 great tips and if you just screw up on one of these the mistake could destroy your flip and take what should have been a profit into a loss.

Attend a Scott Yancey Real Estate Workshop and Begin Making Your Own Deals

Allison Duckworth from Monterey, CA, attended a Scott Yancey live real estate training program. She is a social worker and getting into real estate investing. Her review of Scott’s training follows:


A direct quote from Allison:

I thought this was a really great training. I love the hands-on, going out and looking at houses and doing different things. It was amazing training overall. I feel really confident that I can go out and do my own deals now. Thank you.

Here is an article from Scott’s website that is about calculating the numbers for your flip.

Do The Math

Flipping is a game of numbers. The obvious numbers are: the cost (what you pay for a property) plus the total expenses (what it cost you to repair, prepare, and market the property for sale) equals gross profit. Also if you are borrowing money learning how to calculate interest on loans is imperative. However, there are a few more numbers you need to be familiar with that can make or break your project…Read more here https://scottyancey.com/mistakes-can-make-flip-instead-property/

The numbers are what it is all about. The numbers drive the deal. You must get them right, so ensure you do the math correctly.

Learn New Real Estate Investing Techniques by Attending a Scott Yancey Workshop

Karen Pooley, from Oakland, Ca, attended a Scott Yancey real estate training program. Karen is an accountant and has done a little real estate on her own and actually has a rental property. This is want she said about her experience at the Yancey training event.

Through this experience and learning, I have learned so many new techniques and things that are going to help me grow to a full level and take real estate by storm.

This is Karen’s video review


Here is a sampling of Scott Yancey’s ideas on real estate investing. This article is from the Huffington Post where Scott is an author.

Skipping the Middle People in Real Estate Investing – Let’s start this idea with an analysis of the benefits of real estate investment, as well as how it’s funded in most cases. First we’ll take a look at the needs of the real estate investor, and then we’ll look at the disgruntled saver who has CDs, savings accounts, or poorly performing stocks and bonds in their investment portfolio.

Read more….http://www.huffingtonpost.com/scott-yancey/skipping-the-middle-peopl_b_10134982.html?.

Get One-On-One Training at a Scott Yancey Real Estate Workshop

This couple, Heather and Mike Dyer felt they had a great experience at the Scott Yancey Workshop they attended.


This is what Heather and Mike said about the event:

Our best part of the whole deal this weekend was just the one-on-one training we got with Chris. This weekend was full of questions we could ask and got answered at the same time we asked them. The first thing we will do when we get home is writing our first deal. We will be putting in offers this week for sure.

Check out more reviews at the Scott Yancey Event Reviews YouTube Channel here – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyZQCEWekAFUQPpHeMDGIcg.

Scott Yancey did a great article on the Huffington Post about outdoor spaces and how they add Value:

Outdoor Living Spaces Add Value
It really doesn’t matter where you live, even in colder or hotter climates, there are enough days during the year that you can take your indoor activities outdoors and enjoy beautiful landscaping and lifestyle features. Other than high dollar swimming pools and expensive hot tubs, much of the materials and labor that go into outdoor living spaces are not overly costly.

Read more…http://www.huffingtonpost.com/scott-yancey/outdoor-living-spaces-add_b_10228856.html?.

Scott Yancey Real Estate Training Is Very Valuable for New Investors

This couple, Rubianna and Alberto, from Bakersfield CA, did a video review about the Scott Yancey Live Event they attended:


They were quoted as saying…

We came to be new investers and this training was very valuable for us and it brought us a lot of information. We are very excited to start working on it and apply all of the instructions that we received in class. We learned a lot, so much to learn. We went home and reviewed the material, it really was good stuff.

See more reviews at this YouTube playlist – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnKEQLZI5JXEH1RY4KizEvTsCRu9eh703 which are real life testimonies and reviews of Scott Yancey’s real estate seminars and live events similar to the one attended by Rubianna and Alberto.

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Scott Yancey’s Training Will Teach You the Real Estate Business

After Tim and Karen Myer, from Scottsdale, finished their Scott Yancey live real estate event they wanted to share their experience in a video review.
Tim was quoted as saying one of his favorite parts of the program was…

I thought it was really helpful to learn about the contracts and how to get properties under contract and understanding exactly the relationship between us the buyer and other individuals particularly the seller and the secondary parties.

Karen said:

There was a slide at the beginning that showed us our fears and what were some of the things that we were worried about. And when they showed it at the end I had such confidence that all those were knocked down and I felt like I could do this.

They were asked what their first action steps were going to be when they got home and they said…

Find buyers, and we are going to type up our letter sample letter on our letterhead and those are going out tonight. Also we are going to put out more buyer and seller signs tonight.

Their video review follows:


Check out Scott’s Goliath Company which he started as a one-stop-shop for all things real estate – http://goliathcompany.com/.

Get An Overview of Real Estate Investing From Scott Yancey

Micheal Copeland from Phoenix AZ just completed a Scott Yancey live event and had the following to say in his review.
He was asked what were his favorite parts of the training “Boots on the Ground”.

All the information I got. I came to this from the first 2 programs where I learned an overview of real estate investing. In this training, I learned all the specifics and I liked that it was very informal. When I get home I am immediately going to get my buyer’s list going.

The full video review follows:


Scott and Amie Yancey have starred in a TV show on A&E about flipping houses in Vegas called “Flipping Vegas”. Check out this great episode – titled “Flood House”.

Expert real estate investor, Scott Yancey, attempts to flip a flooded house in a gated Las Vegas neighborhood, but a dangerous discovery threatens to break his budget.

You can see the episode here: http://www.aetv.com/shows/flipping-vegas/season-1/episode-2.

At a Scott Yancey Event You Will Learn How to Make Sales

Learning how to make the sale is a strategic high point of all the Scott Yancey Events. Below is a video review where an attendee of one of Scott’s seminars discusses his breakthrough moment during the event.


On Scott Yancey’s website, he shares his thoughts about investing in real estate. Here is a short excerpt from his feeling about marketing yourself:

Investing in real estate and flipping houses can be done by remaining fairly anonymous. However if you want the deals to come to you and have more people wanting to do business with you, you need to market yourself or business. In order to optimize marketing you need a brand for flipping real estate. Branding helps you build established respect and trust…read more here https://scottyancey.com/scotts-thoughts/.

Scott goes on to talk about building your brand around your passions, your qualities, your skills, your value to others, and your value.