Get An Overview of Real Estate Investing From Scott Yancey

Micheal Copeland from Phoenix AZ just completed a Scott Yancey live event and had the following to say in his review.
He was asked what were his favorite parts of the training “Boots on the Ground”.

All the information I got. I came to this from the first 2 programs where I learned an overview of real estate investing. In this training, I learned all the specifics and I liked that it was very informal. When I get home I am immediately going to get my buyer’s list going.

The full video review follows:

Scott and Amie Yancey have starred in a TV show on A&E about flipping houses in Vegas called “Flipping Vegas”. Check out this great episode – titled “Flood House”.

Expert real estate investor, Scott Yancey, attempts to flip a flooded house in a gated Las Vegas neighborhood, but a dangerous discovery threatens to break his budget.

You can see the episode here: