Learn A New Real Estate Investing Approach at a Scott Yancey Event

This Scott Yancey live real estate training attendee came away with a new investing approach she was extremely excited to learn about. What was her biggest takeaway? View the review video below.


A quote from this attendee follows:

The first thing that made my life changed was finding out that I can work in the real estate, I can get abundance from real estate, and I don’t have to own the property, and I don’t have to do the work. I really wished I have known this 30 years ago. Thank you for teaching me that.

She also said:

I am not waiting until Monday, we have our first cash buyer on board and we have our first listing. I will be quickly asking how I do this first contract.

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Amie took my horse #Tieme out for a ride while I was working. #Friesian #ZumaCanyon #Malibu #Equine

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