Learn New Real Estate Investing Techniques by Attending a Scott Yancey Workshop

Karen Pooley, from Oakland, Ca, attended a Scott Yancey real estate training program. Karen is an accountant and has done a little real estate on her own and actually has a rental property. This is want she said about her experience at the Yancey training event.

Through this experience and learning, I have learned so many new techniques and things that are going to help me grow to a full level and take real estate by storm.

This is Karen’s video review


Here is a sampling of Scott Yancey’s ideas on real estate investing. This article is from the Huffington Post where Scott is an author.

Skipping the Middle People in Real Estate Investing – Let’s start this idea with an analysis of the benefits of real estate investment, as well as how it’s funded in most cases. First we’ll take a look at the needs of the real estate investor, and then we’ll look at the disgruntled saver who has CDs, savings accounts, or poorly performing stocks and bonds in their investment portfolio.

Read more….http://www.huffingtonpost.com/scott-yancey/skipping-the-middle-peopl_b_10134982.html?.