What Michael Yalung Learned From His Scott Yancey Real Estate Training

Michael Yalung’s review of the training he received from a Scott Yancey Live Real Estate Event.


Michael Yalung Jr. had the following to say about the Yancey real estate seminar he attended.

There is a load of information here, I have picked up a lot of pearls. I have a book full of notes.

Michael was asked what the benefit of coming to the event was.

Being in a room of like-minded people, in a room full of experts, the panels in the front was very nice, it is a great idea.

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Mike and Brenda Weiss Review of Scott Yancey Training Event

Scott Yancey real estate events are some of the best training in the US today. Michael and Brenda Weiss attended one of Scott’s events. They produced a video review which is below.


They were ask if the seminar met their expectations. Brenda said:

It has exceeded my expectations in terms of depth of knowledge, the presentors and everything that is offered by the various companies.

They were also asked how their experience was at the event.
Brenda continued saying:

There is so much support here and so much knowledge and there is always someone to lean on so it is really worth every bit and worth being involved.

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Melody R. and Alisa A. Scott Yancey Real Estate Live Training Video Review

Melody Ruvalcaba and Alisa Accost attended a Scott Yancey 3-day event and their video review of the seminar is below.


They were asked, “How was your experience at this event?”
Melody said:

The three-day event was amazing. I mean we are really excited, glad we came and we are going to do this 100%.

Alisa had this to say:

This I think we just really needed this event to take us to the next level because we were kind of stopped a little bit at home but now that we are here with everybody it is really going to happen and it is going to take off. We are really excited.

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Yancey Real Estate Live Training Review by Megan Krekorian

Megan Krekorian had a chance to learn about how tax liens work at the Scott Yancey Live Event she attended.


See below what Megan had to say:

The best thing about this weekend was just about learning more. We knew very little about tax liens before. I had the concept before but now we really understand it and are excited to get going and do more.

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Matthias Lee’s Review of Scott Yancey Live Event Real Estate Training

Scott Yancey’s Real Estate training was reviewed by Matthias Lee. The video review is below:


Matthias was asked, “How is the event?”

The event is going really, really great. I am having a good time.

Mr Lee was then asked, “What is the benefit of coming to this event?”

It is very beneficial, the speakers are awesome. They give you so much news you will want to take home and work with. They are great. My wife and I are talking about the next time that we want to come. So we are planning to come multiple times. It is really special.

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Scott Yancey Training is Reviewed by Matt Yoder

Matt Yoder reviewed the real estate training he received from Scott Yancey’s live event seminar.

Review by Matt Yoder on his experience of his Scott Yancey Real Estate Live Event


Matt Yoder was asked how the event was going for him:

Everyone has been very helpful and very informative. We are learning a lot of new things, meeting a lot of cool people, networking, it has been a lot of fun.

Matt was also asked what he would tell someone thinking about attending this Scott Yancey event?

Absolutely do it. The networking alone, the people you meet. The people are from all over the country let alone just in our area we met here. It has been a fun experience.

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Scott Yancey Live Event Reviewed by Martha Barney

Scott’s real estate training course was reviewed by Martha Barney after her attendance at the live event.


Martha was quoted as saying:

I am so excited you have no idea. This is going to be the beginning of the rest of the life that I have. To be totally independent, within myself independent, and I am so enthusiastic about everything and I thank everybody, the speakers, and everybody has been so great. I am just thrilled and excited today.

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Lovely Morgan’s Review of Her Scott Yancey Live Training Event

To be successful in any business you need a solid foundation of knowledge about the inner workings of the business. Real estate investing is no different and that is why Lovely Morgan attended a Scott Yancey real estate live training seminar. Her review video follows:


Lovely is from Claksville, TN and she had this to say about the training she attended:

I have learned how to apply what I have learned into action. I have developed a plan while I was here to basically get me from point “A” to point “B”. From actually learning and dreaming to actually doing and taking advantage of experiencing.

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What Did Lorena Toro Think About Scott Yancey’s Live Event?

Lorena Toro reviews a Scott Yancey Real Estate Live Training


Lorena’s review was very positive as she said:

It is the most awesome, you have to go. It will turn your life around. If you want to change your life you got to go. There is no better way to explain it but to see it for yourself.

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How Linda Dubbs Felt About Her Experience at a Scott Yancey Real Estate Event

Positive Review for Scott Yancey’s Live Real Estate Seminar


Linda’s response to the question “How is the event going for you?”

It has been awesome. The people and the speakers are excellent.

She was then asked, “What is the next step?”

We are so excited to continue on with this and to just be tremendously successful in this real estate business.

Linda was also asked, “What would you tell someone thinking about attending this event?”

Don’t miss it, you got to come. You will learn so much, you will get a lot of confidence, you will get a lot of information that you need from someone not only from someone who has done it but is there to help you learn. All the staff, the coaches, all the people, including the people, including the speakers are there to help.

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