Leslie Stagg’s Review of Her Experience at a Yancey Live Event

What Is The Benefit of Coming To A Scott Yancey Live Real Estate Event?

Leslie Stagg’s video review follows:


Leslie had this to say:

A lot of the research we are doing is verified here and I feel more comfortable about doing it here. So it just confirmed and I feel more confident about what I am doing too.

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Leslie and Alicia Gerald Review Scott Yancey’s Real Estate Training

The real estate training program which Scott Yancey offers, Live Event Real Estate Training, is one of the best in the country. Below is a review completed by Leslie and Alicia Gerald after attending an event.


The Gerald’s were asked “What advice would you give someone going through this program?” and this is what they said:

Just stick with the Scott Yancey Real Estate Training

Once the emotions settle down and you complete the 1st 90 days, and they tell you the first 90 days are going to be tough and they are tough.
Just stick with it. Everybody has their own pace. Some folks go quicker than others but just be confident in the materials and go at your own pace. If you need advice there are plenty of people out there to give it to you and just stick with it.

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Oregon Couple Reviews Their Experience At A Scott Yancey Live Event

Les and Stephanie from Oregon had this to say about Scott’s training

Get out and make it happen, what is stopping you?


They finished by saying:

It is your future on the line. Again what is stopping you?

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What Is The Truth About Scott Yancey’s Real Estate Training Events

Scott Yancey Real Estate Live Events – Review by Lenny Barker


Lenny Barker was asked, What did you learn by going through Scott’s real estate program?

Everything I know I learned through this program.

Lenny continued…

I teach other people. When I go and talk to them about it. I tell them how awesome this program is and everything I learned.

He finished by saying…

If you do not ask you will not get it. That is another thing you learn.

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Rob Douglas Review of Scott Yancey’s Real Estate Training

Scott Yancey’s live event seminar reviewed by attendee Rob Douglas


Rob’s statements on the event:

This is a very important part of my education. It has been a real eye opener. There are many new aspects of real estate investing that they taught here that I would have not got on my own.

Mr. Douglas also said:

The event is fantastic and educationally. They make it fun and the time goes by very quickly. The most important thing people can do is come here with an open mind and not be fearful. They make it so easy here to understand the process and try to help you….

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Sabrina McNamee’s Review of Scott Yancey’s Real Estate Training

In her review of Scott Yancey’s Live Event, Sabrina McNamee immediately said:

It was great! I wish I would have had this information 20 years ago when I was a lot younger.


Sabrina went on to say….

Having the resources and all the experts here you can go to. We have kind of dabbled a little bit but now we have enough information to be dangerous and now we need experts to make sure we are going down the right path. That is definitely really important.

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Herb Alexander Says Scott Yancey’s Training is Worth Your Time

In Herb Alexander’s review of Scott Yancey’s live event, he states that this training is definitely worth your time. His video review is below.


Herb, who is from Portland, OR had this to say:

It was very good, yes very good. I have enjoyed it and I am learning things every time I come to one of these events. High quality, the speakers are well versed in what they are doing. They are not just talking about it, they are doing it and that makes a big difference. There really is no reason to be scared. It is not what it cost when you come it is what you make when you get here. I am coming out way ahead in the long run from what with my money being tied up in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Now I have an active role in shaping my future. I am not going to let my stock broker make his commissions on it as I will be making commissions myself.

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Real Estate Training from Scott Yancey Live Events

Crystal Cutler of Yonkers, NY, attended a Scott Yancey Live seminar to begin her real estate training. A review of Crystal’s experience follows:


Crystal Cutler had this to say:

It absolutely is a different event as it is more intimate. We are able to sit with both teachers and students in a wonderful think-tank environment and really chew on what is happening for us. This helps make this thing real and make it happen for us here in Vegas and when we get back home.

Crystal also said:

The teachers were speaking to solutions on how to deal with it and how to handle it. It was exhilarating, I had a wonderful weekend. I am armed with both people, tools, and new skills. So if you are serious and this is what you are doing and this is what you are going to do then this is where you need to be. Best money I have ever spent.

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Aspiring Investors Will Get A Boost From Attending A Scott Yancey Real Estate Event

Watch this Scott Yancey seminar review from a couple that attended his real estate live event.


This couple said in their review:

I think it is absolutely so well run and personal for each of us. It is a great event and very helpful. Very, very informative and the instructors are great.

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Scott Yancey’s Training Is Also For Serious Real Estate Investors

Carol Akers did a video review after attending a Scott Yancey live event. The video can be seen below.


Carol Akers is from Columbus, Ohio and had the following to say about her experience…

It was an awesome experience. We learned so much in the few days we were there. It was a great experience in networking, in meeting new people and hearing the ideas behind the whole process, boosting your confidence, motivating, and the opportunity to buy and actually see properties that were fixed up and available to us.

Carol went on to say:

This has given us the opportunity to meet with more serious investors that really want to move on…. It has given us a little more insight in how to take it to the next level as far as financing, finding cash, finding properties and what to look for.

She finished by saying..

I think it is a wonderful opportunity and I would encourage everybody to do it.

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