Seasoned and Novice Real Estate Investors the Scott Yancey Training is For You

Elena and Tom Doyle review Scott Yancey’s Real Estate Event

Tom and Elena Doyle had a chance to attend a Scott Yancey Live Real Estate training event and this is what they felt they got out of the experience.

This puts everybody together in one spot, sellers, buyers, and everything from property to insurance, the financing and even the other investors that are in the area. Those that are here we have met some great people and are looking to meet more.

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Scott Yancey’s Real Estate Investors Training Reviewed by Tim Derry

Estelle and Tim Derry review the Scott Yancey Investor Live Event they attended.

This Henderson, NV couple had this to say about their experience at the Yancey real estate training:

We were really excited about it, this was wonderful. If you are serious about getting into real estate this is the place to do it, if you want a great future. They offer you every opportunity.

They mention in their review to start young and actually Scott Yancey started at the age of 14 years old. Scott Yancey has the experience to put on a great real estate training seminar.

Kim and Wayne Anderson Review Their Scott Yancey Real Estate Seminar Experience

Scott Yancey Real Estate Event a Scam? Kim and Wayne Anderson do not think so. See their video review below.

Kim was quoted as saying:

A lot of information. This is our 4th event now and it is all starting to come together. We have had a huge learning curve and it is starting to really mess and make sense now.

Wayne said:

It was also a great experience, a lot of information again. You know you get and the opportunity to go out and look at homes and have them explain the different opportunities and why they are opportunities of these distressed properties. So what we learned in the classroom why we are actually looking at homes and look at them the way we do as investors, not consumers.

They finished by saying:

…the end result is a great investment for the future and better than any stock market…

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The Greatest Benefits of a Scott Yancey Live Summit

The benefits of a Scott Yancey Real Estate Event reviewed by Valentin Favstov

If you are skeptical about attending Scott Yancey’s real estate training you should not be. Check out what Valentin Favstov had to say.

Privately it is very hard to find any financing but by coming to a place like this you talk to a lot of people and some of them have the financing. You can really meet them, set it up, and put it together. You can actually get the right people and start to build something.

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Scott Yancey’s training will help you invest the right way in real estate and property acquisition.

The Lacina’s Review of Scott Yancey’s Real Estate Training Program

Robert and Gabriella review Scott Yancey’s Live Real Estate Training Event

This couple was ask “How is the event going for you?”
And their reply was:

It is going awesome. A real action packed event, a lot of energy. Real excited to be here.

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Is Scott Yancey’s Real Estate Investing For Beginners – Ask Rich Flores

After attending one of Scott Yancey’s Live Events Rich Flores did a review.

Rich was ask what he and his wife had learned from the event…

The event has inspired me and my wife to continue learning more about real estate and a brighter future together as a family. What we want is time, time spent with the ones we love and care for.

Rich was also asked what would he tell someone thinking about attending this event. He said…

If you have an opportunity come and do it, come and check it out.

Stephanie and Les Review Their Experience attending A Scott Yancey Live Event

The Truth About Scott Yancey’s Seminars

Review by Stephanie and Les from Oregon

Their direct quotes about the training:

Get out and make it happen, what is stopping you? Your future is on the line.

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Scott Yancey Real Estate Summit Reviewed by Attendee Pat Visser

Scott Yancey Teaches Successful Real Estate Strategies

After attending Scott’s live event training Pat Visser commented in a review:

I was kind of on the pattern of low end jobs were I would not make more than somewhere between $8 and $10 per hour. I realized that is not going to get you very far in life. It has been so encouraging to be here. Made wonderful friends from different states from all over the country and I cannot wait to attend the next event.

Pat was very happy in her decision to attend the Yancey real estate summit.

Ben and Olivia Lang’s Review of Scott Yancey Motivational Event

How Scott Yancey’s Training Keeps You Motivated to Succeed in Real Estate

Ben and Olivia Lang attended one of the Scott Yancey Real Estate Training Events and their comments were:

The 3 day event was great. At first it sounded to good to be true but then they started explaining everything and how easy it really is when you apply yourself. It sounded like a great idea that I could not pass up.

They were ask “What is the benefit of coming to this event?”

Ben’s comments on this were:

I feel more motivated and like everything is so laid out and seems so much easier then it did at the 3 day weekend.

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Luango Miller and Sandie Hartung Discuss Scott Yancey’s Training Event

Luango Miller and Sandie Hartung relate their experience at the Scott Yancey Real Estate Training event they attended.

Luango and Sandie were ask how they found out about the event/

The 3 day event was fantastic. We originally got a notice in the mail and Luango said I would like to check it out and see what is going on as we had both been in real estate before and kind of backed out. So we went to the original presentation and we both looked at each other and said I think we need to do this.

They were asked what the benefit of this program was.

It was enough to give us that little boost to get back into the market.