Meet Scott and Amie Yancey Part 11 A Rewarding and Favorite Episode

Pay-It-Forward, Home For A Wounded Warrior

One of Scott and Amie’s favorite shows they produced for their reality TV show “Flipping Vegas” was called “Paying-It-Forward”.

They purchased and rehabbed a house and then turned full ownership of the home over to a Wounded Warrior who had lost a leg when he stepped on an IED. A very deserving veteran.

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A Review by Sally Voss on Scott Yancey’s Live Events

Scott Yancey Events Help Get You Started In Real Estate

Sally Voss attended a Scott Yancey live event and this is what she said about what she learned:

I have learned a tremendous amount. You cannot record everything you have learned you have to take a lot of notes. I mean the speakers are phenomenal.

What would Sally tell someone thinking about attending a Yancey real estate summit?

Just do it. You are not going to get anywhere unless you take some action. And that is what you’ve got to do.

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Ted Stewart Reviews a Scott Yancey Live Event

Secrets of Real Estate Success

Scott Yancey Live Events review by attendee Ted Stewart

Ted Stewart was asked how the Scott Yancey event was going for him.

The summit is great, I been having a great time, learn a whole lot. I have been meeting good people and hopefully being able to put some I have put aside to good work.

Ted also said:

The biggest thing that impacted me was believing in yourself, putting your dreams to work, forget about the negativity you our getting from others and go out and make it happen.

Meet Scott and Amie Yancey Part 10 “Passion Projects”

In Scott and Amie Yancey’s life giving back is very important.

As Scott says “Passion Projects” are a big thing for them. They are involved in a lot of pet adoption type of things and involved in 5 or 6 veteran type of programs.

One of their big Passion Projects is sponsoring the “Honor Ride” in Las Vegas. Watch this video to learn more about this great program that Scott and Amie are involved with.

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Shawn Meehan’s Testimonial for Scott Yancey’s Real Estate Live Event

Scott Yancey’s Real Estate Live Training Testimonial from Shawn Meehan

The following are quotes from Shawn Meehan on how he felt about the Scott Yancey training.

The event is awesome, it is even better than I thought coming in. I was a little nervous about having to buy something but the education, the speakers, and the stuff I learned is going to springboard us into doing deals immediately.

Shawn also said:

This experience in the last 3 or 4 months I have learned more than I had in the 30 years that I tried to do it before.

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Review of Scott Yancey’s Real Estate Events by Sharon Wade

Sharon Wade Reviews Scott Yancey’s Real Estate Training

Sharon Wade discusses how her experience with Scott’s real estate training program was for her:

It has been incredible, better than I thought it would be.

She was asked how she got involved with Scott Yancey’s program:

My husband dragged me to the 1st event as I was a huge skeptic. I was incredibly impressed and we invested to come here and to do better for our future and it was the right decision.

Meet Scott and Amie Yancey Part 9 Scott Shows A Big Heart

Scott Yancey surprises Amie by purchasing a pair of beautiful Friesian horses for her.

Amie has constantly worked to take the “Slicker” out of “City” and this video demonstrates that it looks like she has been successful in transforming Scott.

Scott’s purchase of the Friesians is a big surprise to Amie and shows what a big heart he does have.

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Scott Yancey Live Event – Why You Should Attend – Positive Review

Sandra Suplee and Janet Andrew felt they made the right decision in attending one of the Yancey Real Estate Live Event workshop and in this video discuss why they chose this particular program.

We just wanted to get the knowledge and the training and that is the part we were missing. That is what we got from the workshop. That is the key right there.

They also said:

The workshop took us to the next level.

Scott Yancey’s Training Reviewed by Thomas and Rasheedah Guyden

Thomas and Rasheedah Guyden had a positive experience at Scott Yancey’s live training seminar and related this in their review video.
This is what the Guyden’s had to say:

Coming here actually inspired us even more because seeing all the resources here actually allows us to be successful in the program is a “no-brainer”. We love this!

They also said:

The education works, the team works, all we have to do is put the work in.

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Positive Testimonial for a Scott Yancey Seminar

Terry Scott gives his review on the Scott Yancey Real Estate Live Event in which he attended.

Terry’s testimony follows:

This is the real deal and everyone I have been exposed to has integrity and that is what it is all about. The most exciting thing, of course, is you get close to all the people that are doing it. You that if they have done it or if someone has done it that comes before you, you know you can do it too. I have no doubt that I can do it.