Vincent Slattery Reviews His Scott Yancey Training Experience

Scott Yancey Real Estate Live Training A Review by Vincent Slattery

Vincent was asked what the benefit was of coming to the Scott Yancey training event:

You learn how to do it on your own… It is like hands on training.

He was also asked what would he tell someone thinking about attending this event:

I want to take it back and recommend it to a lot of people.

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Meet Scott and Amie Yancey Part 8 Branching Out On His Own

In this video, Scott Yancey relates when he decides to branch out on his own and why. Maybe a little push from Amie helped.

At age 30 Scott quits his employee and starts his own journey in real estate investment. It is not long and Scott is successful closing on a large land deal in California, which jump starts a very successful career.

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Scott Yancey’s Flipping Vegas Real Estate Training Reviewed by Urias Desir

After attending a Yancey Flipping Vegas seminar Urias Desir felt it was important to do a review of his experience. The above video is his review and he was quoted as saying:

The event has always been a very great experience. The speakers have been very good, very motivational. The knowledge imparted has been fantastic. It has been very good, very, very good for me. I will say, it is a very good event, and I will encourage anybody to take part of it.

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Is Scott Yancey’s Live Event Worth the Money – Taina Carrero’s Review

Some have asked if the Scott Yancey Real Estate Events are worth the money. In Taina Carrero’s review she answers this question.

Taina was asked how the Scott Yancey real estate event was going for her

Today has been phenomenal. I came here pretty worried, little anxious just because there has been a lot of information throughout this entire series but I am just amazed. As I am talking to the camera right now, I just feel like this energy is going through me.

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Meet Scott and Amie Yancey Part 7 How Scott Gets His Start In Real Estate

It was around the young age of 14 years old when Scott Yancey actually got his first taste of real estate investment.

By buying a Trust Deed when Scott was 14 yrs. old he learns that in real estate your money can work for you.
In college, he took a job as a runner for a real estate guy who told him others who did this job became multi-millionaires. This is where Scott learned that making land deals could make you millions of dollars.

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Can a Scott Yancey Event Change Your Life?

In this video, Scott an attendee of one of the Yancey’s live events, reviews how the event meet his expectations.

Scott says

Yes the event met my expectations and if you are looking for an opportunity it is a good idea.

Scott was asked how this event will help change his life:

I think I would like to work less and let my money work for me.

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Scott Yancey Training Review Ramona Hernandez & Scott Saltmarsh

Review of Scott Yancey Live Event by Ramona Hernandez and Scott Saltmarsh

They were asked: How has your experience been at the workshop so far?

We feel that this has been a very enlightening experience where they reach into your potentials, your interests, your motivations and your goals.

See the video for the rest of the review.

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Phoebe Albert and Donna Owens Review Scott Yancey Real Estate Event

Scott Yancey Real Estate Event Reviewed by Phoebe Albert & Donna Owens

Both Phoebe and Donna had a lot to say about the great training they received.

I went to the one-day event and said, this is the real deal. It is worth it. It is an investment but they have an amazing, amazing amount of information and professionals that are there to teach you. They make it understandable and give you tons of information. Without this training, I would have made many mistakes.

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Should You Attend Scott Yancey’s Training

Scott Yancey Live Event Reviewed by Scott From Ohio

Scott from Ohio attended a Yancey live event and in this video explains why someone interested in real estate investing should attend one of these seminars put on by Scott Yancey.
He says…

A new career path, something to work and have more freedom.” What did you enjoy the most so far? “The vast learning and multiple things that I never knew before.”
Is there value in it? Will you recommend it? “There is definitely a lot of value in it. The potential to move forward and grow and to make some good money is there. Yes, I recommend it.

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