Scott Yancey’s Training Will Teach You the Real Estate Business

After Tim and Karen Myer, from Scottsdale, finished their Scott Yancey live real estate event they wanted to share their experience in a video review.
Tim was quoted as saying one of his favorite parts of the program was…

I thought it was really helpful to learn about the contracts and how to get properties under contract and understanding exactly the relationship between us the buyer and other individuals particularly the seller and the secondary parties.

Karen said:

There was a slide at the beginning that showed us our fears and what were some of the things that we were worried about. And when they showed it at the end I had such confidence that all those were knocked down and I felt like I could do this.

They were asked what their first action steps were going to be when they got home and they said…

Find buyers, and we are going to type up our letter sample letter on our letterhead and those are going out tonight. Also we are going to put out more buyer and seller signs tonight.

Their video review follows:

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